Standard printing

You can choose any color or image from SM Contact library.

It will be printed on the TapiX surface on both sides of the tool.

Customized printing

You can send us the image of your preference. It will be printed on the TapiX surface on both sides of the tool.

Handle engraving

It is possible to engrave the logo of your company, TapiX user’s name or any other important information on the handle of the
​wire harness taper. It is also possible to place Braille text. Inscription is performed by engraving.Type your paragraph here.

Technical characteristics

  • Tape: PVC 15 / PVC 19
  • Max. tool outer diameter: 90 mm
  • Tape inside diameter: 38 mm
  • Wire harness diameter: 3-23 mm
  • Recommended distance
  • from wire harness to work table: 130 mm
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 246x158x32 mm
  • Weight: 0.35 kg



SM Contact presents its novel solution for wrapping wires with insulating tape – manual wire harness taper TapiX. This tool substitutes hand winding and ensures significantly more quick and qualitative insulation.


  • Enhanced system of the tape cutting with strengthen fixation
  • Lightweight
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • Speed and quality
  • Easily interchangeable tape roll
  • Ergonomic structure
  • Aesthetic qualities